Become an e-Close Partner

e-Closes have been around for years, but the lack of established investors prevented them from becoming the industry standard. As the leading investor in e-closes and e-notes, we at Mid America Mortgage offer delegated and non-delegated correspondent channels to support widespread adoption of e-closes. And we are looking for partners.

The Benefits of e-Close Partnerships


  • Closing time reduced to 15 minutes
  • Consumers can view closing package online prior to closing and can sign all but a few documents online
  • Realtor/Builder often paid at closing
  • Mid America Mortgage, Inc. can instantly view documents and underwrite in under 2 days

  • Dwell time of 2 days or less
  • Capital requirements as low as $50,000 for brokersgoing-banker
  • Operational lift: no trailing docs, and no missed signatures
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Lower chance of repurchase

We Are the Investor

For years, the one missing piece to implementing e-closes has been lack of investors. We at Mid America fill this gap with delegated and non-delegated correspondent channels, so you can start e-closing today.

  • We underwrite each file in 1-2 days.
  • You have access to our underwriters, and we have no overlays.
  • If you meet agency requirements, we will buy the loan.
  • After you lock a loan and we give you the clear-to-close, you have a guaranteed buyer on the second day after borrower funding.
  • Any problems will be resolved as a partnership.
  • We offer a variety of products for government and conventional loans.